Meghan Burnett

It is with great disbelief and sadness that we announce the tragic passing of Meghan Burnett.

Meghan was a charismatic, sweet young woman who touched many people in our community. She was the perfect role model to all the girls in our softball program. Many of our younger girls had the privilege to get to know and admire her through her pitching clinics where she shared her knowledge and love for the game.

Meghan recently graduated from Wakefield High School and was planning to attend St. Michael’s College in Vermont in the Fall.

Please join Wakefield Little League in keeping the Burnett Family in your hearts and prayers as they mourn the loss of Meghan.

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Andy Update

Hello Wakefield Little League Community, 

As some of you already know, Andy Jamerson is battling cancer.  We would like to support him as much as possible, and we hope that you will too.   He will be having surgery this week, followed by approximately 3 months of recovering at home including additional cancer treatments.  

Andy has 4 children in the Wakefield schools - from elementary to high school.  His wife, Rachel is a lifelong Wakefieldian.  Andy has been active in Wakefield Little League for years, and he has been the League President for the last couple of years.  He has also been a coach and or an age director for the Wakefield Basketball Association for more than 10 years.  His hard work and dedication have had a positive impact on hundreds of Wakefield athletes and their families.  Andy is looking forward to continuing his duties in upcoming seasons.

Wakefield Little League is planning a summer fundraiser for Andy and his family at the Westside Social Club, with local DJ Tim Johnson as entertainment.   Please stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, please click on the link below to show your support for the Jamerson family.  


 - WLL


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Sandlot Registration Open
Sandlot Program Highlights
• 6 week schedule - Season starts Tuesday July 10 th
  2 games per week (12 games typical)
  Weekday games only, 5:45 start time   Mon – Thurs only (No Friday games)
  Schedules provided in advance
  No practices, No playoffs
  Approximately 8 teams w/ 15 players/team (to account for vacations and football season)
  Boys & girls welcome
  League age - 12 can play
  12 year olds cannot pitch (AAA rules)
  Most games played at Fernald and Nasella
  Up to 3 coaches / team
  AAA umps for each game
*Request to play with Friends*
Laid back fun format with competitive games.
Great way for minor league players to get experience playing with major league players.
Managers and coaches needed!!!
Click on Register Now to sign up.
Please contact Bryan Fabbri for more info

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Easton Ghost 30/20 Decertification
Little League Baseball and Softball

Dear Little League Parents and Volunteers,

Receiving a notice that a bat has been decertified, especially in the middle of the season, is challenging, inconvenient, and disappointing for everyone. On Thursday, May 3, USA Baseball informed Little League and other youth organizations about the decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8. We are committed to sharing that information with all of you as soon as we received it. According to the official notice from USA Baseball, "official compliance testing determined that the Ghost X 30/20 exceeds the performance limit set by the USABat Standard. Per the USA Baseball Youth Bat Performance Test Protocol as well as (USA Baseball's) contracts with Easton, these results constitute a non-compliant bat that must be decertified."

For any family or league that is impacted by USA Baseball's decertification of the Easton Ghost X 30/20 5/8, we strongly urge you to read Easton's release, which includes information about how to return your bat to receive a $500 voucher for Easton.com.

How Certification and Decertification Works

For the USABat Standard, bat manufacturers are required by USA Baseball to have their bats certified by following the protocols set out by the standard. Once a bat is certified, additional compliance testing is done to make sure that the bats remain complaint with that standard. Little League® International has no role in bat testing or compliance testing.

Once a bat that is currently in the marketplace and available for purchase fails to meet the performance standard, it is decertified, and pursuant to Rule 1.10, is an illegal bat.

What Little League® Parents and Volunteers Need to Know

Little League does not decide whether a bat meets, doesn't meet, or no longer meets the performance standard. Bats used for Little League play in all divisions must remain compliant to the applicable bat standards, as explained in the current year's rulebook (Rule 1.10).

Through LittleLeague.org/BatInfo, as well as Little League's social media and email efforts, we are committed to sharing any information about the decertification of bats as soon as possible, so that all our families and volunteers know which bats are permitted and which bats that may have already been sold are no longer approved for play.

What are the Standards?

There are three bat performance standards that Little League International uses for its various divisions of play:


USABat: Overseen by USA Baseball and used by most youth baseball organizations, USABat Standard bats must be used at the Little League Baseball® Tee Ball, Coach/Machine Pitch, Minor League, and Major League (Little League) divisions. USABat Standard or BBCOR bats must be used at the Little League Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division and Junior League Baseball Division. USA Baseball reserves the right to select any USABat product for compliance testing. At that time, the bat is sent to Washington State University for additional testing. If the bat is found to be out of compliance with the standards set forth in the USA Baseball Performance Test Protocol, the bat becomes decertified.

BBCOR: BBCOR-approved bats must be used in the Senior League Baseball Division. Either BBCOR or USABat Standard bats must be used at the Little League Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division and Junior League Baseball Division.


BPF: For all divisions of Little League Softball®, all non-wood bats must be printed with a BPF of 1.20.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and we strongly encourage you to visit LittleLeague.org/BatInfo for complete information about how bat standards impact all divisions of Little League and resources on which bats are approved for Little League use. For all information pertaining to the USABat Standard, visit USABat.com.

For those parents and leagues who purchased the Easton Ghost X, 30" -10 USA Baseball bat (model #'s YBB18GX10 30/20 & LL18GHX 30/20 Japan model), we, again, encourage you to read Easton's release and contact them as soon as possible at 1-844-531-7079, or  , to return your bat and receive your $500 electronic voucher.


Patrick Wilson

Patrick W. Wilson
Senior Vice President, Little League Baseball and Softball

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539 US Highway 15 S. Williamsport, PA, 17702, US

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2018 Softball Age Chart

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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Wakefield Little League refund policy is as follows: A 100% refund will be given to a player that drops out before the season starts. An 80% refund will be given to a player that drops out before Week 2. After the second week of the start of the season, no refunds will be offered. Please note, the season starts the day of the Little League Parade, April 28, 2018.



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