We are working through a few issues on the site regarding registration.  There are a few clarifying points below:

Age ranges:

Use the chart to verify your child’s playing age.  Choose the age from the right column

Find your child’s birth month in the row next to the identified age, and you will find your child’s playing age.

Example: A child born in December of 2013 is considered the age of 4.  A child born January of 2013 is considered a league age 5.  As always we are available for questions at wakefieldlittleleague@gmail.com


Tball:  For children ages 5 and 6.  Use the chart to verify your child’s age.  We are considering adding a fun program for those players that fall under the age 4, but that has not been created as of today.  Tball is a half practice/half game format.  There are typically 2 games per week, one weeknight and usually Saturday.  We understand at this level the kids are committed to many things, and that is why we use a combined format to save time.  Coaches may also add practice as needed.

Rookie: Age 7  (we are working on getting this open, it is not currently showing available)

Single A: Age 8

Minors: Age 9 through 12 (12s cannot pitch if they elect to stay down)

Majors: players 10-12 are eligible.  Most years approximately 2 10s get drafted per team.  If your child is not picked for majors, or you decide to keep them in the minors, they will drop into the minors draft and get picked for that level.

Senior league: Age 13/14 is the junior level of seniors, and ages 15/16 are the senior level of seniors.  Ages 15/16s play weekends only so it does not interfere with HS sports. 

Softball: All players age 7 through 16 sign up under one heading.

*Do not forget to respond to the coach volunteer email if you're considering coaching at any level.  When you sign your child up, you can also check the volunteer box, but you may miss some important training if we do not know early.

Age directors per level will be announced asap.  We are still looking for an age director of Tball. 




by posted 01/15/2018

Winter Clinics are now open for registration

WLL is offering winter skills clinics for both Softball and Baseball

*New this year* Baseball Pitching Clinic Sold Out 

Clinics were a big hit last season 

Click on the Register Now Tab on the home page for full details and to sign up

2018 Spring season info and registration will be available soon

See 2018 age charts below

by posted 11/18/2017
2018 Softball Age Chart

by posted 11/16/2017
Baseball 2018 Age Chart

by posted 09/05/2017
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